ADA EN LA MULTITUD. Por Osvaldo “Turco” Tangir


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Abby with Vanessa Bayer at the Men

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Life is A Beautiful Struggle: It sucks always being the footnote in someone else's love story. 


1. Worshiping God is not about you; it’s about Him. It sounds like common sense, but so many of us have it all wrong. We find it easier to praise Him when things seem to be going extremely right, and we find it easier to cry out to Him when things seem to be going extremely wrong. When right and…

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costumeguys:i am grayson by ~cloudwarrior75
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Tyrannei und Tranigkeit der Masse


FDP-Genearlsekretär Döring kommentiert nach der verlorenen Saarlandwahl seine Gegner von der Piratenpartei. Deren Partizipationsideal über das Internet und soziale Netzwerke nennt er “Tyrannei der Masse”. Die Piraten und Sympathisanten reagieren erbost und leider immer berechenbarer. Etwas langweilig aber na gut: Auch die Tranigkeit der Geister will kommentiert werden.

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The Spider Hill: Why Cloverfield is a bad film 


In a striking example of just how much I am at the cutting edge of cinema criticism, I just got round to watching Cloverfield

. I’d been very much looking forward to seeing it on account of a couple of glowing reviews from friends, the proliferation of online chatter about how it either, like,…

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Three new wallpapers for the new year! 

In line with New Creation Church (Pastor Joseph Prince)

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